Kuro Neko meets…Honey Fairweather from FashCon

December 26, 2007 at 7:53 pm (Second Life) (, , , , )

Honey Fairweather
Sorry it took me so damn long to update, but I’m lazy, so sue me.

The long awaited Honey Fairweather interview! Honey is such a nice, fun and hardworking girl, much credit has to go to her. And thanks so much for agreeing to this interview at short notice. ^_^ This is from way back in September 2007:

Kuro Neko: What made you devise the Fashion Consolidated group?
Honey Fairweather: The very best reason I hope! Just because I was in too many groups, wanted to join more designers’ groups, thought “this is crazy, ok where’s the single group I can join?”, looked and to my surprise didn’t find one. So I made one! Well… I IMd a few kind designers, some big, and they were kind to naive little me and said “yeah!”. Then I did the usual: agonised for a month, eating a lot of sweet foods and chewing my nails. THEN I set it up. And people liked it! Yay.

I think I was simulaneously awestruck *and* nonchalant about IMing those big designers. It’s weird… I’m very truly immersed now, in the sense that I feel close to 100% the same as my av (I have difficulty even typing “my av” – it’s me), but in the first few months on SL, I don’t think you are. You have more nerve then because it’s less real. Now I’m trapped *bangs on glass and grimaces, manga style*.
Kuro Neko: You must be close to about 2000 plus members now. Did you ever think it would be this popular?
Honey: No! I remember when I set it up, I thought it might be something a few hundred people may like, but they’d be hardcore buyers like me, because of the ton of notices they’d get (and I was thinking “from dozens of designers” – now it’s many hundreds). I didn’t dream so many people would join, and more realistically, stay – I have no clue what the turnover rate is, as LL don’t give us good group tools, but there seems to be a spookily constant net gain of 80 members and 20 designers joining per week. I was also very surprised at the results of the questionnaire I did after a few months: that most members like so many of the notices, are likely to stay etc etc. I also had no clue I would be googleable for this when I set it up. Waaa!
Kuro Neko: Do you ever regret starting the group, considering the amount of time and effort needed now to maintain it?
Honey: Does one ever regret having a baby? I’ve not had one, but I’d guess you sometimes want to shout at them, lock them in a room, or send them to bed with no supper, but you always end up feeding them and making them sandwiches for school the next day.

Right now it’s tricky – my poor hands have a tale to tell and it’s increasingly hard to use my crappy old laptop on SL, so the 3+ hours a day it takes to run I’m finding very hard to make right now. Just occasionally, people get a bit cranky about not being added as a vendor for days, say. I can understand why, to them it’s just a flick of a switch and it must be annoying that I won’t just flick it on demand. To me I get 20 applications a week, and i have to scrape details from my website (http://fashcon.com), tabulate, change roles or invite, send out the appropriate kiosks, IM them with details and a designer welcome, answer questions and record that I’ve done it so I don’t go crazy later. So it pays to do it once a week only, at weekends. Similar stuff with other jobs. The website’s my little helper.
Kuro Neko: Would you class yourself as a “Second Life celebrity”?
Honey: Hahahaahahaahahahahaahaha (fades into the distance, again manga style!). The other day, someone god bless them introduced me as “The FashCon CEO”. I nearly fell off my perch! I’ve never CEO’d anything, and while SL seems to plunging headlong into business suits and limited companies, I seem to be going the opposite way. No, is the simple answer. I live in 1024 sqm of rented land, a dump of a house with a cat that never shuts up and a fridge that swallows people (*Editors note: I was swallowed by it!) and I’m always scraping round for money to buy some of these fab designers’ clothes! Sometimes people do say “wait you’re THE Honey” but I assure you it’s only those crazy FashCon fanatics, and I run away blushing 🙂
Kuro Neko: Before you started FashCon, what did you do in Second Life?
Honey: Isn’t it weird how SL time is (I think literally – I once worked it out) 10x the duration of RL time? It feels sooo long ago… let’s see. I set up a Fairweathers group to try to find all my distant cousins, brothers, sisters and evil uncles who had signed up the same time as me and picked the same name. That’s why I like LL picking names for a limited duration: you don’t get too much choice, like in RL, and you immediately and permanently get a RL family of people with the same name born around the same time as you, that dates you all. I basically naively spammed (!) all the Fairweathers asking them to join, and 100 did! I did nothing since but i have visions of catching up with the few remaining ones in 2010 and seeing what we all did to keep us on SL. And possibly bumping off the richest one and stealing his fortune, in film noir style.

What else? I rented a treehouse, and got kicked out with no notice by some medieval roleplaying NAZIS for not saying “good morrow sir knight, how goes it? lolz!” every morning. That was good! And I am proud to say I was, am and always will be (sounds biblical) the undead holy virgin mother of the Church of Elvis, and have recently given birth to a small version of said singer on the bonnet (hood) of a cadillac during a church service. You can delete that last bit, right? (*Note: No, nothing gets deleted, Honey).
Kuro Neko: Do you have any plans or aspirations which you no longer have time to do since FashCon started?
Honey: Well, RL had to go for starters, so I strictly live on a stretcher with essential nutrients supplied by doctors now. Other than that, I had to dump my only SL job as an events hostess due to time, but I love that kind of thing, making people giddy with stupid fun. Like most people who aren’t, I’d love to design clothes, have a million ideas, but just no time to give it a go, or maybe I’m scared. I have killer ideas though for a brand of stuff! If any hot hot designer wishes to contact me and co-release a set of FashCon “inspired” clothing, QVC style, I’m up for it! I’ll be your Joan Rivers.
Kuro Neko: Have you made a lot more friends as the group has grown?
Honey: Oh a TON, people are so lovely. I have the usual problem of any hoarder or coward who has amassed a 300-person friends list and doesn’t have the heart to prune people she hasn’t talked to since day two. So if any of the bikers who took me in when I looked like a blob then wish to IM me, sure 🙂 And living in the finest place on SL, Amicitia, is a direct result of being on FashCon.
Kuro Neko: Do you find that FashCon actually helps you keep up with the fashion scene in SL a lot more than before?
Honey: Ooo I’d hope so, otherwise I’d resign. Yes it really does.
Kuro Neko: What is your favourite style of clothing in SL?
Honey: When I get invited to a posh event, I find myself crying on the floor of my SL bedroom under a pile of dresses looking for something vaguely presentable, and usually going in my Pushbutton PJs. My favourite personal styles are Urban Sprawl, Japanese Waa! and Vintage Ooo!
Kuro Neko: Are you a fashionista in real life?
Honey: Curiously, I spend my days swanning around the Riviera in Edith Head and de Givenchy dresses, trying to catch a notorious cat burglar while worrying about runs in my stockings. I’m never out of ballgowns. I am close personal friends with John Galliano and water his plants when he’s away.
Kuro Neko: Do you think you get a lot of respect in SL or do you feel like you are underappreciated?
Honey: Aw now, this became the psychologist’s couch. I think sometimes 1% may think I under or overdo and tell me so, which I guess means I get it right… But people are lovely, and often give me far more credit than is due. Remember I don’t *make* anything – all I make is a bridge for others to show their work, and still more to buy them.
Kuro Neko: Finally, how did you feel when approached for this interview?
Honey: Nice! Flattered, baffled, and faintly pinkish.

Silly questions (as requested by Honey Fairweather):

Kuro Neko: Which is better on ice cream: sprinkes or sauce?
Honey: It would have to be sauce: sprinkles get stuck in your teeth, and some contain small microtransmitters left over from the Cold War/alien spaceships. Not many people know that sauce was subsquently developed by MI5 to absorb the transmitters signals, especially the yummy raspberry ones, thus thwarting an evil empire. This is fact, stop looking at me like that.
Kuro Neko: If you were stranded on a desert island, what ONE outfit would you bring?
Honey: Oh GOD! It would have to be my wedding dress from the Church of Elvis. Useful for fishing, a flag to passing oceanliners, the petticoats as small but functional mosquito net, and handy for showing off my grace and charm to island goats.
Kuro Neko: If someone called you a bitch, what would you do?
Honey: Almost invariably, be very scared, try to call them something back, make a total mess of it and run away.
Kuro Neko: Have you ever licked a carpet?
Honey: Only in anger.
Kuro Neko: When was the last time you sat on a cake by accident?
Honey: Ok that’s spooky, yesterday, in Amicitia, at a picnic, while wearing Moire Georgette’s dreamy pink picnic dress. I can give you three names to attest to the truth of this. Someone offered to lick it clean…
Kuro Neko: Who’s your favourite kitty?
Honey: Me! And on SL, Frank. Hi Frank! Good kitty.

Obviously I was not a favourite. But, hey, I’m used to that. Ciao for now!!
Honey and Me - Argh! Honey’s committed fashion suicide.
Oh no! Honey has committed suicide! Or is that fashion suicide with that awful dress….hehe joking.


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